KATA in the Classroom

Kata in the classroom is a short playful introduction for those who want to get a first impression about the practical scientific way of thinking.

For whom is it suitable?

This workshop is ideal for everyone who wants to learn about an adaptive way to approach complex goals in a highly dynamic world. It´s a classic within the Kata Community and also used in schools to open up an adaptive learning path for children and teacher.

What you´ll learn

In this short workshop, you will get an impression of what you can practically achieve with the scientific way of thinking and how the way of acting differs from what we are used to.


  • Short Introduction to the WHY
  • Introduction of the four steps Improvement Kata
  • The benefit of quickly experimenting forward towards an immediate challenge
  • The impact of comparing what we assume to happen and what really happened 
  • The importance that ideas need to be tested


The average run-time is 90 minutes but can be extended with additional time for questions and answers or extended with additional information materials. Contact and ask.

When does it take place?

For Companies

Whenever you want, just get in contact.

For an individual approach

Please get in contact.

Where does it take place?

You decide

We offer this workshop On-Site and Online.



Costs do vary based on group size, location and travel.

Discount for Schools

We offer schools a special discount.

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