Toyota KATA Compact

Future-Fit with Kata

This two days intense workshop teaches you the secret sauce to adaptability, innovation and true continuous improvements. Boost your and your organisation’s problem-solving skills and learn to develop a critical mass of innovators to live up to the requirements of the 21st century.

A new way of Thinking And Acting

The market dynamics emerging from new technology, new ways of doing business, and the unresolved challenges towards the seventeen sustainable development goals, require us to rethink fast and enable ourselves to overcome all these emerging new challenges. One possibility is to internalize a scientific response habit that leads to greater adaptability, improved problem-solving skills, and the invention spirit needed to remain viable. In this workshop, managers, future leaders, and curious people will have a chance to learn how to build up this type of scientific response habit and apply it immediately.

Don’t wait for innovations outside; create them.


Day 1

The Challenges Ahead

  • Dynamic Markets, The Cost Of Improvement and more.

Brief History Lean & Toyota Kata

  • Mike Rother´s Research

Neuroplasticity & Habits

  • Emergence Of Thinking Patterns, Learning Environments and more.

The Improvement Kata

  • Initial Introduction, Hands-On Experience and Deep Dive Into Starter Kata 

The Coaching Kata

  • Initial Introduction and Hands-On Experience

Day 2

Hands-On Experience

  • Practicing Improvement and Coaching Kata

Coaching Kata Deep Dive

  • The Art Of Asking Questions, Developing People With Kata

The Management Kata

  • Modification of Culture, Building A Continous Learning Organisation

Your Kata Journey

  • Secret recipes to get a good start

Personal Observations

  • Stories About Failure And Success 

Additional Information


  • A high focus on that all questions are answered

Theory & Praxis

  • This is a dense course but with a lot of fun experiments
  • Important materials such as templates will be provided digital after the workshop

Included 1:1 Follow Up

  • Every participant receives an invite to a follow-up meeting a couple of days or weeks later and to discuss new questions that probably emerged

Workshop Quality

  • Our workshops are always updated with the latest findings within our scientific learning networks, which means, in this case, that we go beyond a formal and basic introduction


  • We talk Danish, English and German, just let us know what you prefer

Basic Information

When And Where does this Workshop Take place?

For Companies

If you wish for an on-site workshop, please give us a call and we will find out together.

For An Individual Approach

If you are interested in a workshop, please give us a call or check out for announcements.

Innovest Skjern

We are working together with Innovest Skjern in Jutland to provide you with the best experience you can get.


For Companies

Costs vary based on group size and location. 

For An Individual Approach

Costs will be announced together with time and date on our website once we schedule an event at Innovest Skjern.

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