Accompanied Learning

Anchoring Toyota Kata In Your Organisation

Get support from the very first day and until you are satisfied.

For whom is it suitable?

For everyone who wants to ensure the highest quality and performance potentials are met, applying the means of Toyota Kata.

Make continuous improvement a habit for the entire organisation.

How it works

A non-Linear Approach

The accompanied learning experience is a non-linear approach to success anchoring Toyota Kata in your company. We will not come and tell you exactly what to do. Instead, we will explore and learn together and make this journey a common success.

Understanding Your Vision

Everything starts with understanding your company environment, the immediate challenges you already identified and the vision you have for your organisation. Sensing what is important to you.

Initial Conditions

Next, we will need to understand how you approach your vision today. How does your current management system works to achieve a breakthrough, and how you approach continuous improvement right now.

Of course, meeting rooms and presentations are one thing. Let’s go and see where work is done.

Developing Hypothesis

Before we set up a service contract, we will explore different hypotheses that match your environment, your company vision, and your immediate challenges to ensure a good starting point.


When you are satisfied with the initial layout, we sign a contract and immediately going to work.


Of course, it’s not the easiest task to provide you with an example for a non-linear approach; therefore, please consider the following cornerstones to enable this success.

Toyota Kata Introduction

We may provide all identified key positions with our Toyota Kata Introduction and offer your front line workers a rapid Introduction using the Kata In the Classroom approach.

Coaching Key Positions In the Improvement Kata

We may coach all identified key positions until the Improvement Kata is internalized.

2nd Coaching Key Positions

We may 2nd coach all identified key positions until their Kata Coaching is on point.

Magic Recipes

We may introduce you to some magic recipes to accelerate Toyota Kata to become a part of your company culture.

Infographic & Whitepaper

Accompanied Toyota Kata Learning
Accompanied Learning helps to anchor Toyota Kata in your company

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Accompanied Learning

I accompany you to help you anchoring Toyota Kata in your organisation.

Facilitating Improvement

I assist you on your improvement journey.


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